Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alive and well

Hello, my faithful readers.

How are you two doing?

I am finally finished with year two of collage and have begun a wonderful little thing called a "minimester" where I will be learning the ups and downs of typography. Our first project dealt with the blending of two characters so that each depends on the other for existence. Mine turned out something like this:
Aside from the childish snickering that often accompanies this sequence of numbers, I think it is a relatively interesting piece. It was received well by my instructor who gave some honest and helpful criticism (something I have truly come to appreciate when I find it). The fact that the characters are virtually identical does take away from the complexity of the piece however I tend like the "ying and yang" idea.

The next assignment takes this idea of dependent existence a step further by adding color to help flavor the story we are trying to tell. I have several designs I might use but haven't decided how color will come into play. I suppose that depends on the selection of Color Aid at the supply store (a selection that is, no doubt, far from extensive).

Apart from my summer minimester, I have had a relaxing and enjoyable start to summer vacation. My sister and I met up with some friends and saw J.J. Abrams' new adaptation of Star Trek which, for someone who new nothing about Star Trek save for the hand gesture, was a thrilling and enjoyable ride. Abrams is a master storyteller and his eye for detail make me giddy with delight. I also saw Ron Howard's Angels and Demons which did a fair job of representing what I believe is Dan Brown's best work. The story moves faster and is more engaging, the music contains a wonderfully developed version of the theme from the DaVinci Code and most importantly, Tom Hanks no longer sports a mullet.

New readers of this blog might not know, but I am an avid fan and steadfast follower of Lost (another J.J. Abrams brainchild) and I was utterly dumbfounded by the finale of the fifth season. The phone conversation with my sister two minutes after the show ended sounded something like this:

Jordan: "What…"
Emily: "What…just…"
Jordan: "…the…"
Emily: "…happened?"
Jordan: "…"
Emily: "Hello?"
Jordan: "I…"
Emily: "Locke is…who is…?"
Jordan: "I don't even know."

Needless to say, I have no clue, not even the tiniest inkling as to where the show will go for its final season. I am very intrigued by Jacob's story although I take issue with the fact that he has an American accent. For me, a seemingly ancient, ageless character would not have an American accent; and a very modern one at that. It dilutes a good portion of the characters depth because, when compared to the biblical and ancient Egyptian references that surround the show, America is very, very new. But that's just me.

Tomorrow I leave for Boston and LeakyCon which promises to be an awesome experience and I am super-excited but wary at the same time. I will certainly have an awesome time but when it comes to the online portion of the Potter fandom (from which the entire conference sprang), I am a novice at best. I am a little worried that I will be surrounded by people I should know but don't, hearing jokes I should get but don't. I will be bringing my MacBook so I will do my best to blog once or twice from the conference, pictures if I'm feeling generous.

For the most part, I'm feeling pretty good about things although, there are some annoyances I wish I could evict from my life. I lost my second USB Flash drive in three weeks which makes me begin to worry for my memory or my sanity. I can pinpoint the last time I had the little sucker; where I was, what I was doing and where I thought I put it, but now it's gone and isn't showing up in the places where it could logically be. I'm afraid it fell out of my pocket as I took out my keys or answered my phone or sat in a movie theater.

I need to clean. I need to audit myself, inventory my life.

I'll let you know when that actually happens.