Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have the pleasure of spending the week in beautiful, Central Florida while I attend events at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (thankfully, shortened to IAAPA) Expo. The show is absolutely massive with over twenty-thousand industry professionals in attendance. The crazy thing about the amusement park industry is that "it's a small world after all!" It seems as though everybody knows somebody who knows somebody. This fact makes networking incredibly rewarding and even more interesting.

Beyond the Expo scene, I forced myself to visit The Magic Kingdom and soak up all the magic that the park has to offer. It was strange to walk the park by myself. Every other time I've visited, I've been with either friends or family. I didn't let it get too me, though. I spent nearly the entire day marveling at the expertly established sight lines that Imagineers have set up across the Kingdom. It is amazing to watch the trees perfectly frame the castle as you look east and Splash Mountain as you look west. Of course, I was also completely smitten with the scads of wonderful graphic designs speckled across the park. Each sign is beautifully lettered and blends seamlessly with its themed surroundings. It looks so effortless, although you and I both know that it isn't.

I also took some time to do some things that I have never done, even after all my trips to Walt Disney World. I rode the Peoplemover for the first time. It was a nice, relaxing tour of Tomorrowland was made all the better by the Mickey-shaped ice cream I was enjoying in the process. I journeyed into the Enchanted Tiki Room for the first time ever and, if it really is "under new management," I'd like the old management back, please. I found the show to be oddly disconnected. Iago looked like a weird, ape-bird hybrid and the whole thing ended on a sudden, awkward note. Don't make people excited to get up and dance and then force them to dance right out of the theater.

Despite 95% of Fantasyland being walled off, I enjoyed marveling at the "fairytale" architecture. My Medieval Art History teacher would be proud as I silently recounted the names of each architectural element on Cinderella Castle (gargoyles, trefoils and finials are very prominent). I am excited to roam an even larger Fantasyland when it reopens in 2013.

I have so much more I could say about The Magic Kingdom. I might write a separate post just about my observations (I say might because this site already has enough unkept promises).

Another might: I might be giving the ol' site a much-needed refurbishment sometime soon (and by soon, I mean before the start of the new year). Honestly, between school and LeakyCon, the Jordan Edwards brand has been simmering, alone and afraid, on the back burner for too long.

More soon, I hope.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Things, they be a changin'!

Jordan Edwards Designs is on its way to becoming a real, live website!

I started work last night and I'm really excited by what's happening so far. I'm not going to give a date for the switchover but it will be soon.

Stay tuned!