Thursday, October 29, 2009

Current Branding Project

The following is an exploration of the target marking for the line of camping equipment that I will be branding as a part of my Graphic Design Concepts class. Comments and criticism are welcome!

A Brief Glimpse

A small campsite sits, nestled in a clearing and crowned in giant cypress trees, at the edge of the picturesque Fort Wilderness Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. A narrow path leads from the small parking bay located some ways away, weaving in and out of the trees and into the distance. The smell of pine and earth mingle in the air and a small brook can be heard, bubbling cheerily beyond the road. The quiet is broken by the sound of a small minivan winding its way along the path to the campsite.

As the van slows to a halt the side door swings wide and two young boys leap from the back seat, dashing toward the clearing in obvious delight. Next to exit the van is the boys’ older sister, her hands filled with a large picnic basket, a folding chair slung over her shoulder. She inhales deeply as she gazes up at the crown of branches swaying high overhead, the dappled light dancing on the ground before her. As her father closes the back door of the van, after unloading the last of their packed supplies, he brushes off his hands and looks around happily. His wife appears at his side, smiling. For a time, they watch as their children scurry around the campsite. They reminisce on the adventures they once had as newlyweds and delight in the fact that they are now sharing this adventure with their family.

As night falls, fireflies dance on the horizon. A column of smoke drifts from the small fire that finally decided to ignite after several, stubborn hours and almost an entire book of matches. The twins, now covered in marshmallow, are in the midst of a dramatic shadow puppet show from inside their tent. Their sister sits with her parents around the glowing fire. She pours them all a mug of hot chocolate as she removes the small pot from the fire. Together they discuss their plans for the morning, passing around a small map, desired destinations circled in black ink. They all look up in delight as a wave of colorful fireworks glisten in the distant, starry sky. Curious of the faint booming, the twins join their sister and parents around the campfire. Together, they enjoy a moment of quite magic.


  1. This is awesome!! You're such a good writer. The only suggestion I have is to mention that the boys are twins initially, rather than in the middle of it. It reads just a little smoother that way.

  2. This is me commenting on your blog! For the very first time.

    Anyway. I feel like everyone's abilities are coming out on this project. We've all warmed up with Cisco and our letterhead/logo projectsand you can tell the difference between someone who knows what's going on in their lives and the ones who don't know or give a shit. Talking about our particular class, I wish we had more people did give a shit. When Burleigh was lecturing about domestic/local influence some people stopped paying attention after that. The people sitting behind me (constantly pulling out their chairs so I am left squished) gerbil girl... kind of act like a wet blanket on a cold day. It makes your face tense up in confusion and you die a little inside. Among the stories, yours was the most detailed.
    So detailed I only read half of it... skimmed it.

    Maybe I just hate wasting time on critiquing.