Friday, February 6, 2009

First And Foremost

Welcome to my web log.

Isn't it funny how no one really ever called them "web logs"?
"What are you doing?"
"Web logging."

Web logging. It almost sounds boring, doesn't it? Logging used to be a boring, repetitive thing: logging data, logging hours, logging...well, logs. It was a boring, repetitive thing done by boring, repetitive people. Then comes along the good old American English language where enunciation is clearly a thing of the past. Either through a need for speed (saying "Web log" simply takes up too much time) or shear verbal laziness, Web logs became "Blogs."

Now everyone who's anyone does it. We blog about everything and that is not an exaggeration. If you can think of it, someone, somewhere in the world has probably blogged about it. This Blog is not a special one. It is not unique in any way. In fact, four similar Blogs exist within my Bookmarks Toolbar. This Blog is intended to be a Design Blog.

Just exactly what do I mean by that?
Well, to be honest, I'm not sure. Most other design bloggers crawl the Internet looking for news or interesting tidbits about current events in the world of design and I intend to do the same. No one is really sure where the news originates because everyone steals everything from everyone else. Again, I intend to follow suite, however I will try and offer some glimmer of originality through commentary and critique on whatever tasty tidbits float my way.

I am a graphic designer. I find it interesting so I predict the vast majority of posts will fall within this category. I have a special interest in logos, brands and graphic identities. You will see lots of these. Here and there, I may pepper in some package design or an interesting painting or sculpture but who knows how often this will happen.

I'm excited to get started and to see how far I can take this (or for how long). My first priority is schoolwork (although recently, all evidence points to the contrary) so expect long drought periods because they will happen. My first post should arrive shortly.

Nice to meet you,

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