Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Headed in the Right Direction

Regardless of what the timestamp on this blog reads, it is 3:57a.m.

I have been hard at work trying to iron out the last details of hosting and domain services so that I can have something for the world to see before (during, and after) Directions. Amazingly, I was able to purchase, set up and begin using my hosting (from Fat Cow) in about an hour.

I've propped up a pretty little landing page over at JordanEdwardsDesigns.com so the new visitors will be able to download a portfolio sample or résumé.

Directions is tomorrow. Good lord. I guess I'm pretty much set. Just a few last-minute things to print and purchase. I can't wait to get in there and meet the industry pros that have agreed to come help out as we peddle our wears.

After Directions (almost immediately) I will be on my way home to go with the family on a quick vacation to the Southwest. We're touring Arizona, visiting the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Sedona and all the sights in between. The parents even planned a stop at the Frank Lloyd Wright House at Taliesin West! It will be a welcomed respite from the crazy that my life has been the past few weeks.

I would say I'll post pictures if I actually thought I would remember to do it but, as it is, I make no promises.

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